Western Rooter is a certified installer for earthquake shut off valves. Western Rooter has been installing these valves in residential homes, commercial buildings, Condos (HOA) and many apartment buildings for many years. These valves can help lower your earthquake insurance, 5-20% depending on your insurance company. Earthquake valves usually run from $345 installed by one of our professional service men.

Although we offer emergency professional installation, we do recommend you protect your loved ones by having an earthquake shut-off valve installed ahead of time. You never know when a quake may hit, especially in Southern California and the Greater Los Angeles area.

To help ensure peace of mind, and safety for your family, we use Firefighter Gas Safety Products and Pacific Seismic Products. We understand the lives of your families depend on us, so it is our mission to provide only the most consistently reliable valves, of the highest quality, because safety is paramount to us.

Below, you can read a little bit more about our vendors, and why we use their products.

About Firefighter Gas Safety Products

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Firefighter Gas Safety Products promises they are dedicated to saving lives and property in the event of an earthquake, and from what we can see by their products we can offer, we believe them.

Automatic Gas Shut Off Valve

With an Automatic Gas Shut Off Valve, in the event of a 5.4 magnitude earthquake or greater, a natural gas line will shut off. Their valves are manufactured using state of the art CNC machining equipment tested and approved by CSA, City of Los Angeles and the State of California.

Here are some quick, key points about why we use Firefighter Gas Safety Products:

  • Complies with all State, City, & Laboratory testing requirements

  • Most Compact State-of-the-Art Design

  • Best Flow On The Market

  • 30-Year Limited warranty (see Installation Instructions page for details)

  • Automatically Shuts-Off Gas When Triggered by a 5.4 Magnitude Seismic Event

  • Manual Reset Available On Both Sides

  • Endorsed By the Los Angeles Area PHCC


Industrial Sized Safety Valves

These gas valves are specifically made for industry. They are milled from solid aluminum, laboratory tested, and meet or exceed the requirements of the City of Los Angeles, and the state of California.


Seismic Gas Valve Stabilizer

Firefighter Gas Safety Products recommends the use of a gas valve stabilizer with all of their emergency gas shut off valves. They are easy to install, and are also vital to the proper functioning of the valve, and can also be used with all shut-off valves. Both horizontal and vertical installations and piping will work just fine with these stabilizers.


About Pacific Seismic Products

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Pacific Seismic Products (PSP) is a manufacturer of seismic actuated valves, used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. Their seismic actuated valves can automatically shut off a natural gas line during an earthquake. They offer specialty products as well, such as both horizontal and vertical configurations, specialty valves, remote actuators, 3-ways, electrical switches and monitoring systems, for individual and unique gas control needs.

Intended to close in the event of an earthquake, the earthquake sensitive valves that Pacific Seismic produces in California can prevent the flow of gas into a potentially earthquake damaged structure. This automatic shut off reduces the potential for fires or explosion, due to the accidental release of natural gas into structures which may contain gas lines, gas appliances, such as stoves, or other gas fixtures, like gas fire places.

Designed to remain closed until manually reset, and to not require any source of internal or external electrical power, PSP's valves are ideal to prevent escalation of an emergency situation. The valves can be mounted in either a downstream or upstream position of the pressure regulaor, or the gas meter outside the structure, but they don't replace manual, upstream shut-off valves provided in the gas service line.

The mechanisms for PSP's valves use a swing check valve, and a steel ball resting on a tapered cup-shaped support, making them an acceleration-sensitive trigger. Earthquakes cause a horizontal motion, thereby moving the ball away from the center of the support. The weight of the ball trips a moveable pipe, which causes the valve to begin closing. The valve-flapper is then forced close with the aid of springs, and the valve disc, in the closed position, is held in place by gas pressure. The actual valve trip mechanism is set and sealed in the manufacturing factory. There is a sight glass which allows easy visibility of the valve mechanism's status, whether it is "Open" or "Closed" will be indicated.