"Early on a Wednesday morning an employee of the gas company told me he was about to replace the meter, at the curb, but found the main line running to my house was corroded and leaking. I was given 48 hours to replace the yard line.

My preferred plumber, a small operation nearby, was too busy to take on the work. A larger shop nearby was booked solid for over a week--however, at my request, he provided as estimate for what he would have charged.

I relied on Yelp to locate three other shops within a 30 mile radius; two of which arrived by noon and provided quotes.

Oscar Quintero, from Western Rooter, gave an estimate comparable to the one from the local shop and said they could begin work the next morning. The other quote was excessive so I went with Western.

Early Thursday Oscar and a four man crew including Cesar, his righthand man, arrived and started the 30 yard trench that would go through the front yard, under my garage driveway, and through the planter in the narrow space between my house and the main driveway.

The trench would be over 30 inches deep for the poly gas pipe and would go under the garage driveway without having to break it open. The driveway proved to be a challenge, probably because there is a lot of rock under my property, but they resolved it after an hour or so by employing different techniques. Never once did anyone lose their temper and all remained focused on the challenge.

After nine hours, and a short lunch break, the trench was completed, the pipe was laid, the trench was refilled and the crew was ready to depart. At that point they were exhausted but still no complaints--only good moods. Oscar said they would be back the next morning to make the connections to the meter and to a good section of existing pipe near my water heater.

The next morning Oscar, Cesar and an assistant arrived and completed the work within a few hours. I cannot speak for everyone at Western Rooter but the five men sent to my house were exceptional craftsmen and I am pleased to recommend them to anyone who ends up in my unfortunate position.

Western Rooter has been added to my Contacts app with a footnote reminding me to ask for Oscar or Cesar."

-- Tom M. from Covina, via Yelp


"My house was built in 1948 and in recent weeks, the lighter at our water heater kept going off. First, I thought the water heater was acting up because it's over 10 yrs, but the gas at the stove was sometimes low too. So, I called the gas co. to check out the gas. A gas technician came and did his test (?). He wrote down on his order "restricted yard line" ("where?" and "why?"). He turned off the gas, put a lock on the meter, told me to call a licensed plumber then took off. Uhmm...  Full house of people and there was no hot water and stove! He took off so fast and I didn't even have a chance to ask "when are you coming back?"  I'm like Nice!   I'd do it differently next time. This happened on Wed right before 4th of July weekend. So it's hard to get anything done! not to mention this kind of problem. Logically these are the things to do: (1) Get the right person to correctly identify the "cause" of this restriction and (2) fix it. Sounded simple enough, right?  So I started to narrow down my choices to pick the "right" plumber. I talked to friends, referrals, googled, Yelp, Angie's list, handyman, licensed plumbers and contractors. Some would give me ridiculously high estimate to re-pipe the entire system and charge holiday/overtime. I put off the repair until after 4th of July weekend so I could make an informed decision. During this process, some plumber charged me not doing any work and did not give me invoice until a few days later via email (Monkey Wrench Plumbing). Some said they needed to dig up the concrete in the driveway.  Finally, I decided on SAID (pronounced "SA-ID" from Western Rooter and Plumbing). SAID was professional, nice and mild-mannered. His company does not charge for the initial visit and before began the work, they wrote up an order, which was very important to me to know exactly of the charges and the work to be done.  First, SAID flossed the entire pipeline from the street but when the gas company came out, they said it was still a problem and left the gas off.  So, I followed SAID proposal to re-pipe the pipeline from the gas meter to my house.  He located the old pipe which extended straight from the meter at the sidewalk through the front yard.  He dug up and replaced the old gas pipe 3/4" with approximately 65 feet of 1 ¼ underground gas polyethylene pipe (yellow).  By the way, we did not have a second regulator next to the house. Some old houses built in the 50's or before did not have the second regulator/shut off valve. I understand that some city now requires second shut off valve and to pass inspection for escrow.  I asked three people at the gas co. (two supervisors and a customer rep.) whether the gas co. is responsible for the second regulator? They said "no". From what I've learned, this is not very clear as some thought this is the gas' co's responsibility.  But I didn't have time for that so I had SAID installed a 1 ¼ gas shut off valve with a new box for me.  In the future if the same problem occurs, they can test the pipeline section by section: from the meter to the yard; and from the yard to the house.  Also, in case of earthquake damage, we now have second shut off valve.  I own two homes and have my share of dealing with contractors for different construction work but this gas pipe thing is new to me; however, SAID did not intimidate me but encouraged me to learn more about it.  It took him and his crew (Ruben) the whole day to dig up my yard. There is a big palm tree in the yard so it's more difficult to dig around that area. After installing the pipe, SAID told me to call the gas co. to turn the gas on. Jope came around 8 o'clock, tested the pipe and said it was working. He tested all the appliances, gas lines, and turned the gas back on.  Jope from the gas co. (the 4th technician to come out - yes I had quite a few contacts with the gas co that week) - he was nice and professional (that was not always the case).  I came out of this learning more about gas pipe, etc. and also found a reliable, efficient, affordable, and a nice plumber for future work. I would certainly recommend SAID and his company to my friends and family."

-- Navi R., from Montebello, via Yelp


"We were getting FIOS installed in the attic and the installer noticed a strong gas smell up there. The gas company came out and verified that there was a large leak from a pipe that was inadequately or improperly sealed on installation of our tankless water heater and shut off the gas and put a lock on the meter. We had another highly reviewed company come out that afternoon and they quoted me $325.35 just to locate the leak, which seemed unnecessary since the gas company had already located it, but they stated that they needed to independently find the leak due to liability issues. They also quote a rate of $500-$800 to repair the leak based on how many inches of pipe needed to be repaired, so I was looking at about a $800 job in the best case.  Although having the gas shut off was a big issue, $800 is an even bigger one so I contacted Western Rooter and they were able to send someone out 4 hours later (I think his name was Mike?). He actually listened to the gas company's findings, inspected the pipe and agreed with them. He took out the pipe, cleaned, resealed and reinstalled it using correct plumbing methods and was in and out in 2 hrs at $90/hr. $180 is much preferable to $800!"

-- Forrest Y. from South Pasadena via Yelp


"I can't say enough good things about Manny and Said. The service, and the quality of the work were above and beyond my best expectations. I've used other plumbing services in the past. I won't bother with any other plumbing service in the future. 

I had three things some by Manny and Said. 1) Run gas line to the kitchen to replace electric cook top with a gas cook top, 2) install new gas cook top 3) replace a non-functional water pressure regulator. Everything was fine with the utmost care and quality.  Absolute perfection of you ask me. 

Manny and Said even took the extra time to cover our  stuff in our kitchen when installing the new cook top. This was highly appreciated.

I'll be sticking with Manny and Said."

-- Chandrasekhar P., from Glendora via Yelp


"Western Rooter did a great job on our gas line install.  They gave us an estimate and explained all the work in detail so there were no surprises.  The installer showed up on time and performed the job in a timely professional manner.  Thank you!"

-- Scott L., from Pomona via Yelp


"Ruben and John did a great job testing my gas line and finding the leak. They fixed it fast and did it at a reasonable cost! I recommend"

-- Guangjian Z., from Arcadia via Yelp